Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Warm Cup of....

With a cold front arriving tonight and bringing with it either freezing rain or snow, it seems like a good night to brew a cup of fresh coffee in my new espresso machine that my family gave to me.  Four years ago when my daughter and I were in Paris at Christmas, we saw lines of people circling the block.  We decided to walk closer to see what the attraction was.  It was a store called Nespresso and they sold espresso machines.  They were the complete rage in Paris.  Then this past summer when we were back in Paris with my sister and niece, they also became intrigued.  They actually went into the store to look at the products.  When all of us got home, my sister bought the Citiz.  I was visiting her at Thanksgiving and I couldn't believe how amazing the coffee tasted.  It was absolutely the best cup of coffee I had ever had.  Well, under the tree for me was my very own Nespresso machine and I adore it.  Thank you Patricia, Jon, Claire, and Caitlin.  I feel so blessed to have all of you as family!!!
{photo courtesy: Patricia Giffen}

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