Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Things Come in Small Packages

You don't have to have a gigantic house to have great style.  I love this small kitchen that is so well decorated with the charcoal walls and parred down accessories.  Maybe a studio apartment wouldn't be that bad - much less to clean on the weekend!  Speaking of weekends, I hope yours is lovely.

Home Away From Home

Imagine having this cute little gem as your pied de terre for a few weeks in Paris. I dream of it and can't wait for my next trip.  I love the minimalist look of the place but what I love most of all is the view out the window - Montemartre.  Oh the love!

The Life Unexpected

What a statement.  An elegent flat with unbelievable floors and leaning up against the fireplace is a bicycle.  Love it!!! Of course, the bicycle is a beautiful neutral color but its that unexpected placement that I find so alluring.
{photo: bits of beauty}

Serenity for the Home

This home looks like a place you could just relax and dream creatively in.  Great texture with unexpected surprises.  I need to work on organization in my home this weekend.  When I get it organized, I always feel so much better.
{photo: haute design}

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Touch of Industrialist

I've always loved having a touch of industrial in my house.  Of course, until recently I didn't have a name for it.  Old metal cabinets that were used in doctor or dentist offices, locker baskets, metal furniture - I love it all! It seems to say "I don't take decorating too seriously!"

Change is in the Air

Word has it that changes have taken place at Veranda and they have a new Editor in Chief.  I am thrilled to hear that Dara Caponigro - former Style Editor for Domino has filled the position.  I am so excited to see what she does with the magazine.  I hope there are good changes in store for us.  I miss the unorthodox style that Domino dominated.  I'm going out to the tobacco store to buy myself a copy! (Yes, in Portland the best place for magazines is a tobacco store - I love this city!)
(photo: Veranda}

Outdoor Spaces to Relax In

I love the idea of my porch actually becoming a living space of my house in the summer.  I have to figure out a way to fix it up so it is not only inviting to use but also comfortable.  Right now I have boxwoods and a small table and chairs.  I love the inspiration from these three rooms.
{photos: dress design decor, plush palate}

Things I Love...My Mini

For the past five years I have driven a pepper white Mini with a black top.  I adore my car - something I can honestly say I never expected.  The ultimate would be for my mini to have a space as beautiful as this one to rest its weary bones.
{photo: automatism}

APRIL Showers...

Here are a some beautiful shots of rain - wish I felt that stylish when I was trudging through the puddles.  Only a few more days of April and I have high hopes of a sunny May. But I have to say that the last photo - taken by little brown pen really began to change my perspective on the color gray.  Perhaps I need to reassess and decide to embrace it.  After all, there are times it seems its here to stay!
{photos: Habitually Chic}
{photo: little brown pen}

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Finally Time for Reading on my Porch

I went to buy new boxwoods for my porch today.  I am really looking forward to spending weekends enjoying the sunshine and eating meals or reading a book "al fresco".

Rustic Elegance Part II

Beautiful neutrals - always my first love. They have such a calming effect on my soul.  I love the chair in the last photo of the living room.  I've never seen anything like it.  I also love the counter of the bathroom.  Very organic and natural.  I would love to crawl out of bed to that!
{photos: automatism}

Rustic Elegance

While lately I've been drawn to the lines of some items that are more modern, my heart still belongs to the old and crusty of the world.  I am on the hunt for an old blackboard to hang in my kitchen.  I adore this one as well as the tattered chairs.
{photo: My Sweet Savannah} 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Inspiration from Copenhagen

I think a trip to Copenhagen is in order.  The use of neutrals and the simplicity of the interiors has drawn me in completely.  I need a trip where I can see people's homes though.  I'll find a way!
{photos: style-files}

Wall of Photos & Drawings

What I love about these photographs in a home in Copenhagen is the neutral tones and yet the grouping of black & white photographs.  This summer I would like to do something similar in my office/workshop.  Its so inspirational.
{photo: style files}

House Bling and the Search for Frogs

Yesterday I had the task of finding sixteen vintage florist frogs (the ones with the sharp prongs) for my daughters wedding.  After going through my favorite antique mall - Stars - I realized this was going to be more difficult than I had expected.  As luck would have it (or good karma?) I saw Brent, the owner of the mall.  He knew exactly which space had a a plethora of frogs.  Unfortunately, most were not for sale.  But the space owner walked in as we were talking and lent me the frogs for the wedding.  We are planning to use them to place the number of the tables.  I am just thrilled and feel so fortunate there are so many kind people in this world.  Thanks you Brent and Paula!

Lately, I've been attracted to silver in my home. I have a zinc top table as my dining room table, and two nickel lamps.  Now I'd like to add a few pieces that are maybe a bit ethnic - Moroccan or Turkish.  Loving these I found on style-files!
{photos: style-files}

Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm so happy to be spending the entire day at home today.  The news is that we are expecting high winds and heavy rain so I've decided to stay in my nest today.  I have the day off because its Good Friday.  I really needed a day like this to get back in order after a lot of travel the past few weeks.  I'm not even unpacked yet.  I love it when I have everything back in place and I can feel at peace at home sweet home.
{photo: nuevo estilo}

Happy Birthday Dear Sister!!

Today is my sisters birthday - here's hoping its the best day ever.  Hopefully we'll have time to celebrate when I see her next week.  Happy birthday, I hope your breakfast was fun. xxooxx
{photo: this is glamorous}