Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Searching for Sunshine...

As I looked at the long list of blogs I visit everyday, I was particularly drawn to any photograph that evoked days spent outdoors.  I know its just around the corner but if you look outside the window today, it seems like its too far to see.  I found these photographs on dressdesigndecor and frolic . I hope you enjoy them and that we all enjoy a little sunshine very soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box

Several years ago, I recall visiting a friend of my sister in Pacific Grove, California.  She and her family had converted their garage into a guest house.  Right in the center of the room was a claw foot tub. It took my breath away.  Whenever I decorate, I always try to remember this and many other times when what is simply doing something outside the box turns into the extraordinary.  
{photos: stills location }

Romantic Gypsy Caravan

Last week, From the Right Bank  had an amazing post on caravans.  I've had it on my mind all week and it brings back amazing memories of many trips to the marshlands of southern France called the Carmargue.  In this region of France, there are wild ponies running in the marshlands, stunning birds including flamingos, and more importantly - gypsies. Legend has it that the reason the gypsies make pilgrimages to this region is that Mary Magdeline and two other women left Palestine after Jesus had been hung from the cross.  They set out in a small boat and landed in the Carmargue.  In their annual trek to this region, they often came along with their beautiful caravans.  When they arrive to this region the gypsies take a swim in the water and often go to the church that is in the small town. The walls of the church are covered in retablos, crutches, and stories of redemption.

Being someone who usually basks in neutral colors in both my clothing and home, I also feel that I have the soul of a gypsy and crave a retreat that is at polar opposite to my usual neutral retreat.  For years I have joked with friends that I wanted a Streamline Trailer (because of the beautiful silver exterior) to live out the more colorful part of my soul.  Who knows... maybe one day I will.
{photos: From the Right Bank }

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sweet Simplicity

This home is called the Alabaster House.  I can see why - the sweet simplicity of its palate reminds me of alabaster.  I would love to be using an abode similar to this one this summer as a getaway spot.  I can just imagine curling up in the sofa on the final photograph and reading a favorite book.
{photo: stills location }

Coming Back to Life

Having rested half of the day today, I'm finally beginning to feel like my old self.  I slept for fourteen hours straight and the cold I've had has finally lifted.  I have some amazing photographs that have given me such a jolt of energy.  I have only a few more weeks of teaching and I can focus my efforts on decorating my brownstone.  These new photographs give me all new inspiration.
{photos: stills location }

Friday, May 21, 2010

In Need of a Cuppa....

I apologize for not having a single entry this week.  I have a terrible flu and when I get home from a long day at work I have hardly had the energy to make a cup of tea and fall fast asleep.  I feel a bit better today but still not back to my normal active self.  I'm thrilled its the weekend and I can have as much rest as I need.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
{photo: flickr}

Monday, May 17, 2010

Was I Swedish in a Former Life?

I loved this home featured on skona hem and I think there must be a part of me that is Swedish!  I would love to find a file cabinet like the one in the office.  I'm dreaming of new creations!
{photo: skona hem }

Blog Inspiration - Greige

One of my new favorite blogs is greige . The photographs that are posted on this site are phenominal!  They look so "Old World" to me.  I especially like the chairs in the last photograph - I would love to crawl up in one and read a book!
{photo: greige }

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet Simplicity - Italy

I think this house is definitely my new crush!  The wrought iron railing against the white walls along with the simplicity of furnishings. This is what I consider my nirvana!
{photo: style files }

Sweet Simplicity

This seems to me to be the perfect combination of white and brown.  The sofa in an espresso brown and several pieces in wood tones help to keep the room grounded and yet the white keeps it serene and peaceful.  The only thing I find when decorating in a similar way is that you have to keep a delicate balance so it doesn't look dull - this room really got it right and it's anything but dull.  In fact, it pops right out to meet you.
{photos: the city sage }

More Frames

Here are a few more shots that have frames I love.  In the first shot I have to say I still love when photographs and anything else in a frame are sitting in a room or leaned up against a wall instead of formally being hung on the wall.  What captivated me with the other photos was the writing in the frames.  Maybe because I love reading so much, I love seeing words on walls - even ones I can't read.  Arabic is so beautiful when calligraphed.  And I can't forget to mention the floor in the last photograph.  I would love to have old wood floors with such patina as those.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wall of Frames

Everywhere I look I seem to run into walls with neutral frames and black & white photography.  I especially like the second wall where the mats are different shades of white.  I can't wait to frame photographs from my daughters wedding!
{photos: braebourne farm}

Inspiration Board - Erica Tanov

On Monday, I was a guest blogger on Sacramento Street .  One of the things I discussed was my inspiration board.  I thought I would share this one I found on Erica Tanov .  When my daughter and I were on a trip to New York over five years ago, we walked into a small shop on Elizabeth Street and we were instantly inspired by the unique style of the shop.  I bought several things for my home and Caitlin bought a dress.  About a year later, my daughter found out the designer was from Berkeley and was opening a shop in San Francisco. She worked there all through college and still occasionally fills in.  Along with amazing clothes and home design, all of the women that work there are such kind and talented women.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Night With Isabel

{photo: Lori Barra}
I had a lovely evening tonight hearing Isabel Allende speak.  She was a fun and relaxed woman who has had a rich and colorful life.  I was struck by her depth of experience in life and more importantly, her love of writing.  She said that writing for her comes from the womb.  I have always found her work captivating and look forward to reading her latest novel.  It takes place in Haiti and New Orleans.

My Love Affair With White

For many years I have decorated with white.  The past five or six years I've added quite a bit of brown but I have to say I am the queen of neutral.  Some find it boring but for me it is so serene.  I prefer the salt and pepper of my life to be in the life I live and not in the decor.  I have tons of texture but love keeping it neutral.  Here are some photos that I found particularly inspiring.  Enjoy.
{photos: the style files}

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guest Blog With Mrs. Caitlin!

Please visit Sacramento Street tomorrow for my guest blog!  I am so excited about being invited by Mrs. Caitlin.  I feel so honored to have been asked - I hope you enjoy it.

Beautiful Chairs in a Perfect Room

I adore the design of the iron chairs in this living room.  I could use chairs like these in any room in my house.  Any suggestions where I might find some that are similar?

Summer is Close - Time for a Trip

As a teacher, I look forward to a great perk - summers off!  My mind is racing with a thousand different ideas for possible adventures.  My first trip will be a road trip to San Francisco to deliver wedding gifts to my daughter.  I will have a week in the city and will be helping her paint her flat.  I am so thrilled to get moving!
{photo: Ruby Press }