Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Searching for Sunshine...

As I looked at the long list of blogs I visit everyday, I was particularly drawn to any photograph that evoked days spent outdoors.  I know its just around the corner but if you look outside the window today, it seems like its too far to see.  I found these photographs on dressdesigndecor and frolic . I hope you enjoy them and that we all enjoy a little sunshine very soon.


  1. What inspiring images - makes me crave hot summer night, which we don't get in SF :( Fabulous post!

  2. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/dc/house-tours/layla-kevins-country-coastal-cottage-house-tour-095141

    This made me think of you!! Hope you are having a great end of the year... I think New Hampshire is hogging all the sun because it is beautiful here but I will be coming home soon so hopefully the good weather will follow!

  3. Me encantaron estas fotos, sobretodo un desayuno al aire libre.

    Un saludo muy grande !

  4. Gracias - la unica problema es que no hay sol aqui en Oregon - que ya necesitamos el sol!