Sunday, May 23, 2010

Romantic Gypsy Caravan

Last week, From the Right Bank  had an amazing post on caravans.  I've had it on my mind all week and it brings back amazing memories of many trips to the marshlands of southern France called the Carmargue.  In this region of France, there are wild ponies running in the marshlands, stunning birds including flamingos, and more importantly - gypsies. Legend has it that the reason the gypsies make pilgrimages to this region is that Mary Magdeline and two other women left Palestine after Jesus had been hung from the cross.  They set out in a small boat and landed in the Carmargue.  In their annual trek to this region, they often came along with their beautiful caravans.  When they arrive to this region the gypsies take a swim in the water and often go to the church that is in the small town. The walls of the church are covered in retablos, crutches, and stories of redemption.

Being someone who usually basks in neutral colors in both my clothing and home, I also feel that I have the soul of a gypsy and crave a retreat that is at polar opposite to my usual neutral retreat.  For years I have joked with friends that I wanted a Streamline Trailer (because of the beautiful silver exterior) to live out the more colorful part of my soul.  Who knows... maybe one day I will.
{photos: From the Right Bank }


  1. Streamline trailers are SUPER cool. When I was traveling around in an RV, I was always jealous of those bad boys. So much space and just utter coolness. I love the colors in these though. Bright and bold!

  2. COLOR!! what a new sight to see for you auntie j! ahah
    love it. great post

  3. Yeah - I think I might have been a bit too neutral recently so I needed to spice it up. Don't be surprised if I show up in PG this summer hauling a streamline trailer behind my mini!

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