Saturday, January 16, 2010

Searching for a new dining room table

Right now I have a beautiful old and crusty marble dining room table on a pedestal. It sits in front of an amazing old french mirror (so old that the mirror glass is over an inch thick!).  I adore it. Unfortunately, my book group doesn't really fit around it.  I bought a very old farm table but got tired of always getting slivers from the old wood.  So now what I'm considering is a table with a zinc top - long and narrow.  I want to make sure this is the table for me.  Today I will look around again to make sure there isn't anything else that might work.  I'll keep my marble table and replace the french cafe table I have and put the marble one back in its place. I love having changes - it makes my heart beat a bit faster as I figure out what to do.
{photo: coco + kelley} 


  1. I say resist the zinc! Unless it's in the kitchen, this isn't the place to incorporate the sleek modern look. Too sterile :)

  2. You are so right - I changed my mind before I even got home!!! I think I'm going to stick to my marble table and figure something else out for the book group!