Friday, January 1, 2010


I have to say I miss the days of actual film in a camera.  That being said I'm thrilled to have purchased my new camera yesterday.  One of my hopes is to pursue photography this year.  I have one of the best photography stores less than a block from my house so it was easy to get the advice I needed for the camera.  I am happy to say that I purchased a Nikon D90 with a 80-150 lens.  I played with it all night and I am sure I will have many happy adventures with it.  If anyone is an expert I would be thrilled for any advice in my new adventure.  I hope to share all of my snapshots this year as I travel and explore photography.  


  1. Oh, I miss film so much!!! (Until a few years ago, I only shot film. I used to develop most of my own film too.) I still try to shoot film every now and then but with all the labs closing and supplies harder to find, it's not easy! Good luck with your photography adventures and happy new year!

  2. from me and my mom...
    you go photo guuurrll. haha
    hope you are having a blast with it! we are so excited that you will be embarking on a new passion :) love ya

  3. I know - dreams of darkrooms and watching the photos appear before your eyes. Oh well, I look forward to seeing what I can now do with digital and my computer! Happy New Year!!