Monday, January 11, 2010

Deciding on the Right Bag

Whenever I start planning for a trip, there are two main items I spend a great deal of time trying to get right: my bags and my shoes.  Lets face it, the right travel bag or purse can help you have more carefree trip with less worries.  You don't worry about the long walk to arrive at the hotel if your suitcase is in good shape. Right behind the perfect bag is the perfect pair of shoes.  They need to be fashionable so as not to look like a tourist but at the same time it is vital they are comfortable for long days on your feet and slow walks through museums.  I'm already on the search for the bags and shoes I'll take on my trips this summer and I'm not even sure where I'll be going yet.  All I know is that with the right bag and shoes, I am sure to have a trip of a lifetime.
{photo: Apartment 34}

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