Monday, January 4, 2010

Destinations for the New Year

{photo courtesy: wallyg/flickr}
{photo courtesy: sfgirlbythebay}
{photo courtesy: Oberazzi/flickr}
This year I hope to travel to several places. Of course I'm always ready to jump into a new adventure if it presents itself.  I know I'll be going to San Francisco several times this year.  My daughter will tie the knot on April 10th in Napa Valley.  She lives in San Francisco so I'll be making several trips down there.  In addition, I would like to take a road trip down the coast of California to photograph the mission churches in California.  Finally, I am working to go on an all expenses paid trip to Istanbul.  I would be going with a group here in Portland that is working on Christian - Muslim understanding trip.  I teach history and have been involved with a group dedicated to helping promote understanding.  Istanbul is near the top of my list of places I would like to visit.  It seems like the place that East meets West and I would love to absorb the city.  I hope the trip comes together!  Where are you hoping to go this year?  Any ideas for good places to travel?

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