Sunday, January 3, 2010

Changes for the New Year

photo courtesy: domino/flickr

The start of the New Year gives me a chance to think about the changes I would like to make in the coming year.  In the areas of design and travel I can think of so many things I would like to do this year.  Since my trip to London and Paris last summer, I've been working at incorporating modern touches along with my antiques.  I love to see modern pieces mixed with older antique pieces.  The things I hope to do in my house this year are:
  1. Buy a new kitchen table like the one in the above photo.
  2. Make simple changes such as lamps and accessories that are more updated.
  3. Black & white photography on the walls of my office.
  4. Finally, a NEW MATTRESS!!! Mine is old and uncomfortable.  Any suggestions??
I'll talk about my plans for traveling later today.  So many ideas - hum......

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