Monday, February 7, 2011

Illuminating Ideas

I love when I see a traditional item used in a fresh and modern way.  The chandeliers with their rope levers and the bare light bulbs.  They both really speak to me - as if they aren't taking themselves too seriously.

photos: 1-3 , 4&5 


  1. Beautiful! I love exposed bulb light fixtures :)

  2. ... and that third image is so cool!!! :)

    Northern Light

  3. I love all sorts of lighting and these pics are gorgeous. The first one's my favourite!

  4. Love this post!!! the 1rst pic is beautiful!!!

  5. Yes I agree, the added unexpected detail, playful twist and humorous spontaneity in decor is so refreshing!

    Also really liking the dark hues of grey velvet and all that tufting in pics 1 & 2. Wonderful and so my style!

    Am doing a little introduction of your marvelous blog in my next post. I think you rock!

    xx Charlotta