Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I Love...

There are some things in decorating that I rarely think about but would love to include in my home - some are easier than others I might add!  I love brick walls that are painted white - they add texture to the room and are less formal than other walls.  Tables with diagonal legs add an architectural element - those I do have in my house. Large windows to let the natural light in are something that can be so uplifting - especially at this dark time of year. I've always wanted a library ladder - ever since I saw one in a film and thought it was such an intelligent invention - maybe someday I'll find one.  And finally, having a room with a beautiful view - what more can you ask for!


  1. I love exposed brick, whether painted or not! And I love library ladders! Is that a kitchen that they put one in? Fabulous!!

  2. Gorgeous images. Such a fan of stone and exposed brick!!

  3. Such stunning stunning pictures. I'm inspired!! Thank-you.