Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art and Fashion Converging

I was looking at the ever inspiring Cup of Jo and ran across a story on fashion shots compared to famous art.  I found it brilliant and couldn't stop myself.  There are some very talented bloggers out there and I honestly think this might take the top prize for the week.  Miss Moss  certainly has an incredible eye!

Click as fast as you possibly can and visit Miss Moss  for many more artistic interpretations of life imitating art ...or is it art imitating life?


  1. I have stumbled across this MIss Moss a few times and she is an original little cookie isn't she. Gorgeous way to view fashion and the quirky assortment of vintage pics and flowers...thanks for sharing.

  2. love the one with the white lacedress! sweet of you to leave a comment at my blog by the way, so I could find you :)