Sunday, January 16, 2011

Elle Decoration Norwegian Style

I was over at Cherry Blossom  and she featured the new Norwegian Elle Decoration.  Now I might just have to take a trip to Norway to get a copy.  And one of my favorite bloggers kjertis , is featured!  This might require desperate measures.  I think I'll run down to the tobacco store where I buy my magazines and beg for them to carry this!  I'm hoping some of the Norwegian bloggers will scan the photographs and stories.  Until then, I'll have to attempt reading these photos!  HELP!!!!!


  1. Dear Julie.

    You can have mine! Send me your address to my hotmail. ;) And I will send it when I get home from Rosendal on thursday.

    Have a lovely week!

  2. Oh my - that is so sweet of you. Can I send you one from here? What's your favorite American magazine?

  3. Looks like a gorgeous spread! You'll have to share some photos when you get a copy :)