Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joyful Spirit

I was searching for fashion photos that might inspire me and I quickly realized that the majority of photographs I found, the person is never smiling. So here is to people everywhere who crack a smile now and then.

photos: 1-4 , 5&6 


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this post! How uplifting it is to see all of those beautiful, happy people! Especially love that last little guy. Check out his socks!

  2. He looks like the little brother of that little girl with the channel bag!

  3. Such a gorgeous post! Love it!
    Love the woman in the top pic- she's stunning!
    Have a great w/end :))

  4. Julie!

    Thank you for your sweet comment, that made a wonderful start on my saturday! <3

    This post brougt a smile and a little giggle to my lips too, so this day has started out perfecly :)

    I'm glad to be back! I see I have been missing out on a lot. Had a trip to the postoffice yesterday and weighted max for the prise of stamps. Will pack and ship today! :D

    P.S. I got the job!!!! The letter came yesterday and I jumped around like a kangaroo :)