Monday, January 3, 2011

Love Seat: Final Chapter

I thought I should catch you up on the latest saga of my sweet love seat.  The store had experts come and look at it today and they were certain it won't come out.  The good news is that Williams Sonoma Home is giving me another twenty percent off.  So I will recover the loveseat and the $2,200 price tag will now be $300.  I'm thrilled as I have a terrific upholsterer and I will be able to do it exactly as I want it.  I'll show you photos as soon as I get it done.
photo: Mary Ruffle


  1. So maybe it was a blessing in disguise? :) Happy new year, Julie!

  2. Glad to hear it turned out ok!! Maybe not exactly what you thought, but it seems its ended up even better! Can't wait to see the finished piece!