Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Changes in the Air

I have been working so hard on my house - cleaning out every closet, drawer, and even the garage.  I will be finishing today.  I felt that before I made any major changes, I needed to start with a completely clean palate.  It feels so great to finally get there.  I have now taken six car trips to a local Goodwill, one car filled with books, and even a load to the local dump (very small!).  Now that everything is done, I'm very excited for the changes I can create in my life.
I have always loved white linens and will continue to have them in my home.  Lately I have been very drawn to blues mixed with neutrals as well.  I think there will be a future touch of blue in my decor - which is quite astonishing since I am pretty much the queen of neutrals!
I really wish I could find a sofa similar to this one.  Right now I have a French daybed as my sofa and while I adore it, it would be more at home in my study.  I will continue my search for the perfect sofa.
And finally, I need to really focus on my wall of photographs,  I have several places where I think they would really pop!
{photos: style files }

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