Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Notting Hill

Photo Courtesy: flickr

I have always wondered why I love to travel so much.  At times it can be difficult (especially airports these days!) but even with the hardships that come with it, I have to say it is something I love.  I look forward to every detail of a trip - packing the suitcase, watching people in airports, seeing a new place for the very first time.  And it's usually when I am traveling that I find the most inspiration for looking at how I live at home.  The way people dress, the display windows at stores, and of course museums filled with art are all inspirations to keep my way of living fresh and alive.  But it is usually the smaller aspects of a country that I gain the most from.  Conversations with strangers, a smile on the street, and best of all - being mistaken for a native. 

This summer, while in London with my daughter, I was especially inspired by the neighborhood we stayed in. We were in a home in Notting Hill.  I instantly fell in love with this section of London.  To begin with, we found amazing restaurants, including one called deslesford organics where we ended up eating most of our meals at.  We also found a Mexican restaurant with excellent food.  And we are quite particular about our Mexican food since we lived in Mexico City for four years. We stayed in a beautiful home close to Portabello Road and the owner was so good at mixing old antiques with modern touches.  She would have beautiful pieces of old furniture and then use modern accessories such as acrylic tables and chairs.  I couldn't wait to get home and make a few changes in my own home.  Below are a few photographs to share with you.  Enjoy!

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