Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Take Me On a Magic Carpet Ride

One of the most amazing finds that I am having shipped from San Francisco was a small 6x9 Turkish rug.  I had seen a similar one hanging in the store at Thanksgiving but was never able to inquire about it. The one I chose will look so nice in my living and bring a warm feeling to the room.  It's about fifty years old and has very muted colors - almost completely beige with brown accents.  I'll take a picture as soon as it arrives. We had such a good time buying it.  The owners son and nephew who were in high school, were so enthusiastic and just kept unrolling more rugs for us to look at.  I told the owner that I hoped to go to Turkey this summer and he said to be sure to let him know and he would give me names of friends and family that I can look up while I am there.  I would love to do that.  Meeting people while you are traveling is always a plus to me. Getting off the tourist track and seeing how life is lived.  This photo looks more like my floors right now and I look forward to a soft and beautiful rug.
{photo: coco + kelley via skona hem}

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